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The International Exhibition of 1876

Tests of Turbine Water Wheels

A Fly-Wheel Meteorite

Punching and Shearing Machine

Krupp's Panzerkanone, or Masked Gun

The Thirty-Eight Ton Gun—Its Remarkable Force

The Austrian Arsenal at Pola

Recent Artillery and Engineering Experiments

Brown Brothers' Portable Steam Crane

The Great Suspension Bridge


West's Six-Cylindered Steam Engine

E. Kaselowsky's Firebox


By R. J. Mann

French Academy of Sciences

Applications of Eosine

The Chemistry of Coal

From a recent lecture by Dr.Frankland, F. R. S.

By Frankland

New Process for Titrating Astringent Substances

By M. Ferdinand Jean

Clarified Honey

Vanadium Aniline Black

Useful Receipts

Rosolic Acid

By C. Liebermann and F. Schwarzer

Proffessor Tyndall's Motes

Poisonous Wells

On Aniline Black

By M. R. Nietzky

Influence of Different Colors upon Vegetation

By M. Paul Bert

Dangerous Candy

By H. G. Debrunner

English Three-Furrow Plows

Remedies against Worms and Insects

New Grain Crusher

Fertilizing Influence of Snow

A Russian Wolf Trap

The Catalpa Tree

The Absorption of Organic Matter by Plants

New Flexible Harrow

Keeping Cider and Apples

Ice House and Cold Rooms

The Ascent of Takhoma

Discovery of Caverns Within the Crater of the Volcano.

British Patents

Project of a Great Aquarium


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    February 17, 1877

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