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Projected Arctic Explorations

Ice Skating in Summer

The American Roller-Skate Rink in Paris

The Metric System

On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

Monster Barometer


Magnetic Action of Rotatory Conductors

By F. Odstreil

The Sensation of Sound

The Little Basses Lighthouse

The Souter Point Electric Light

Sympathetic Vibration

New Turret, Musical and Chiming Clock

How the Center Selvage is Formed

Direct Positives for Enlarging

Architectural Science Classes

Elementary Replies

The Carpet Manufactures of Philadelphia

Water Gas and its Advantages

Glass of the Ancients

Brattice Cloths

Preservation of Meat

California Pisciculture

Eight-Horse Power Portable Engine

The Sutro Tunnel

Passenger Travel, New York City

New Bridges at or Near New York

Independent Car Wheels

Clyde Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering 1876

Savelle's System of Distillation

New Bromine-Still

By W. Arvine

The Phoenix Steam Brewery, New York

Schwartz's Sugar Refinery, London

French Cognac Distillation

Vienna Bread and Coffee

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Geological and other Notes

A Geological Congress

Therapeutic Uses of the Cyanide of Zinc


Hydrophobia Cured by Oxygen

Dr. Brown-Sequard on Nerve Disease

Chloral Hydrate in Scalds and Burns

By S. S. Riddell

Typhoid Fever.—Treatment

From a Lecture on Fevers

By Alfred L. Loomis

Pictorial Crystals

Photography of Musical Tones


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    February 24, 1877

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