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On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer


By W. G. Smith

Practical Value of the Microscope

The Centennial Exhibit of the Odorless Excavating. Apparatus Company, of Baltimore

A Cable Grapnel

The Flash Light

The Rolling of Ships

Decline of English Steam Engines

Cleaving Rocks without Powder

Friction of Plain Slide Valves

By John W. Hill

The 100 Ton Gun at Spezia

A Hornet Fleet

The Italian 100 Ton Gun

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Pipes for Gas and Other Purposes

Adulteration of Soap

Vanadium Aniline Black

False Beeswax

By Gustay Hell

About Peat Steel

Cleaning of Wools

French Worsted Manufacture

School of Weaving

Silk Printing

Dark Yellow-Brown on Cotton and Mixed Goods

Iodine, or Methyl Green, for Printing on Cotton

Belgian Process for Bleaching Linen and Cotton (1,100 Pounds)

Keramic Art

The Transfer of Pattern Designs

Methyl Green on Cotton

New Size

Structure of the Mushroom

Cheap Greenhouses—How to Heat Them

By Peter Henderson

Discovery of a Remedy for the Grapevine Disease

Loss of Shade Trees in Cities

The Bucentaur

Cryolite and its Uses

[From an Inaugural Essay presented to the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy]

By Willis Brenton


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