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The St. Gothard Tunnel

Tree Planting by Railway Companies

Petroleum Locomotives

New Railway Station at York, England

Narrow Escape of the St. Louis Bridge

Narrow-Gauge Progress

German Railways

Steam Trolly

The Blake Pump

Bessemer Steel Manufacture in America

Files Versus Emery Wheels and Milling Tools

By Joshua Rose

Thomas Page


Fast Ice Yachts

Fast Steamer

Official Rules for Signals on Steam and Sailing Vessels

Thames Steam Ferry Company's Boat “Pearl”

Inventors' Institute

Spontaneous Combustion

New Tables of the Velocity and Force of the Wind

Society of Telegraph Engineers

Motions Produced in Mercury by Electricity

The Laws of the Passage of Electricity Through Gases

Concrete Construction

A New Electric Repulsion and its Application to the Theory of Comets

The Galvanic Expansion of Metallic Wires

Spiral Curves

Miasmatic Algæ

About Strawberries

Horticultural Notes

Success with Peaches

Western New York Society

Test for Sugar


A Photograph Ten Feet Long

Highly Sensitive Dry Plates

By Ernest Boivin

Potassium Triiodide

The Chemistry of Coal

How to Resolve Test-Diatoms Without any Special Apparatus

Coating Metals

Loss of Silver.—a New Invention Wanted


Structure of Precious Opal

Microscopical Notes

Novel Reduction of Hernia

Specific against Hydrophobia

By Grzyvala

Test for Albumen

Lithoclysmy; a New Operation for Vesical Calculus

Essential Oils

Typhoid Fever from Well Water

By Julius A. Post

Extraordinary Longevity


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