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On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

Bleaching Cotton


Printing Leaves

Mechanical Printing in Water Colors

Manufacture of Glass

By M. O. Schott

Color in Oysters

New Mechanical Movements

By H. K. Porter

New Steam Excavator

Vertical Engine and Boiler

The Art of Moulding

Portable Winding Engine

Young's Improvements in Marine Engines

Working in Compressed Air

Notes on the Hydraulic and Other Cements at the Philadelphia Exhibition

By Q. A. Gillmore

Physical Society, London, February, 1877

By G. C. Foster

Physical Society, London, January, 1877

By G. C. Foster

Improved Train Speed Indicator

By Mr. George Westinghouse

The London Underground Railways

Steam Street Cars in Paris

Railroad Accidents

The Manufacture of Cocoa

How to Prepare Raw Meat

Hot Air Drying Apparatus

Export of American Lobsters

Concrete Construction

The Royal Albert Hall

Oil Refining in California

The Cleansing of Paris

By M. Vaissiere

To Electrotype Insects, Ferns, Etc

Pipes for Gas and Other Purposes


Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, January, 1877

By E. W. Binney

Tin and Phosphorus in Copper

By M. Hampe

The Collodio-Bromide Emulsion Process Applied to Transparencies, and Enlarging Without a Nitrate Bath

Stereoscopic Transparencies

By William Brooks

Preparation of the Earthy Metals in the Chemical Works of Dr. Schuchardt at Gorlitz

By E. Frey

Pocket Photometers

How to Ascertain the Strength of a Silver Bath

Perspective in One Lesson

The Diminution of Objects

By Henry F. Liebbe

Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft, Berlin, January 15, 1877

By A. W. Hofmann

A New and Accurate Method for Determining Boiling Points with Small Quantities of Liquid

By P. T. Main

Chemical Society, London, January 18, 1877

By Odling

Chemical Society, London, February, 1877

By Abel

The New Star in Cygnus

Poisonous Pottery

On Indigo Steam Blues

By M. Ch. Zurcher

French Academy of Sciences

Chrysophanic Acid

Woollen Printing

The Position of the Equinox

The Sewage Question


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    March 24, 1877

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