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Compound Corliss Engine

Remarkable Ocean Steaming

A New Use for Papier Mache

Siemens and Halske's Electrical Railway Signals

Machinery for Lace-Making

Locomotive Wiping

Bent Glass

Aitken's Coking Oven

The Turbine Tests at the Centennial

Saville's Patent Gas Scrubber-Washer

Mechanical Progress in France

Iron Freight Cars

Chemistry and Mineralogy

Wire Railway

Pure Red Ash Coal

Action of Heat on Quercite.

By M. L. Prunier

Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft, Berlin, January, 1877

By A. W. Hofmann


[Lately read before the Photo. Section, Amer. Institute]

By J. Chisholm

Carbonic-Acid Gas as a Fire Extinguisher

The Chemical Harmony of the Universe

Testing of Salicylic Acid for Purity

By H. Kolbe


Chemical Notes

Preservation of Eggs


By W Saunders

New Things in the Arts

Beet Sugar in Maine

Work and Wages

The Wall-Paintings of Pompeii

Glass Globes on Gaslight

Beetroot Sugar

A Quick Photo Bath

Variations in the Number of White Blood Globules in Certain Maladies

Treatment of Ringworm by Leaves of Cassia Alata

By David Foulis

The Photo-Litho Oil Painting or Chromotype

The Chemical Constitution of Gun Cotton


A Combat with an Infective Atmosphere

By John Tyndall

Professor Poggendorff

By Walter Flight

Course of the Sap in Plants

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Vegetable Digestion

Appearance of a New Star

Formation of Raindrops and Hailstones

The Intra-Mercurial Planet


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    March 31, 1877