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Pumping Engines of the Lawrence (Mass.) Water Works

Hanging and Care of Shafting

By Jesse Lord

Artificial Ivory

The Kind-Chaudron System of Sinking Mining Shafts

The Detroit Tunnel

Prevention of the Corrosion of Iron

New Compressed Air Locomotive

The Tay Bridge

Valuable Refuse

The New Railway Bridge over the Hudson River, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y

Preventing Cloudiness on Exploring Mirrors

By Sanundes

The Kentucky River Bridge

The Fires of 1876

The Bressa Prize

Tempering Glass

Unconscious Education

The Bonanza

Plan for a Small Vegetable House

Best Floor for Stable

Vegetable Digestion

Ventilation of Rooms

Acridium Americanum

New Rivet-Heating Furnaces

Recent Trials of the 8o-Ton Gun

Boiler-Shell Drilling Machine

Racing at Sea

New Device for Raising Water

Cooper's Steam Boiler

Machine for Making Socketed Drain Pipes

Pipes for Gas and Other Purposes

Another Antiseptic

On the Solubility of Ether in Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid

By Harry Napier Draper

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Chemical Society, January

The Adulteration of Milk

By Henry A. Mott

Cologne Water as an Anæesthetic

The use of Salicylic Acid in the Household

By Von Heyden

The Fluorescent Matter in Atropa Belladonna

By R. Fassbender

Sympathetic Resonance

Polariscope Objects

How to Print in Carbon

Colored Belts on Jupiter

Some Early Experiments with Lightning

Duplex Telegraphy

The Moon


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    April 07, 1877

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