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Carriage Bridge over the Pennsylvania Railroad

The Yield of Flour Per Horse-Power

Electrical Car Signal

Microscopic Insects in the Skin

The Portuguese Man-of-War

The Paris Exhibition of 1878

Spider Lines

Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878


On the Eyes of Worms

Appearance of Snow Fleas

Large versus small Car Wheels

By Herbert Wallis

Detroit Water Works

Pneumatic Ore Stamps

Physical Society, London

By W. G. Adams

High Pressure Engines

Mill for Softening Middlings

The Age of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Pinfold's Brickmaking Machinery

New Pumping Engine

New Rotary Filter

Theory of the Bunsen Lamp

Pipes for Gas and other Purposes

[Journal Of Gas Lighting.]

On the Transport of Solid and Liquid Par Ticles in Sewer Gases

By E. Frankland

Singing Flame

Oxidizing Action of Animal Charcoal

A Remarkable Example of Goldsmiths' Work

Violet Light for Studios

New Staining Fluid

Microscopic Examination of Hospital Walls

Enamelling Photographic Prints

Curious Explosion

Cleaning Diatoms with Glycerin

Composition of Petroleum, and the Proper Standard of Safety

Steel Making by a New Process

New Mexico's Vast Coal Fields

Croton Chloral in Whooping Cough

The Safe Administration of Chloroform

School Life and its Influence on Sight

By George Reuling

Examination of Volcanic Dust

An Electrical Clock Setter

Royal Astronomical Society

Electrical Phenomenon at Sea

An observatory on Etna

Production of Rain by Human Agency


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    April 14, 1877

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