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Twin-Screw Engine and Boiler

Punching Iron

Steam Power in France

Pipes for Gas and Other Purposes

Charring the Interior of Barrels

By William McNurtrie

Oil-Testing Apparatus

Action of Various Saline Solutions Upon Metals

By M. A. Wagner

The Transmission of Motive Power

Improvements Announced Abroad

Niagara Suspension Bridge

Steam Excavating Machine

Coleby's Yarn Reel

Sir Titus Salt, Bart

New Twisting Machine

Plumas County (Cal.) Gold Mines

Profitable Gas Works


The Inclined Coal Seams of Dombrowa, Poland

Concerning Ashes


By V. Mattison


Poisonous Corn

Chemistry of the Urine

Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft, Berlin

By A. W. Hofmann

The Coal Tar Colors

Early Symptoms of General Paralysis

New Microscopic Stage Incubator

By H. A. Reeves

A Look into a Living Stomach

Contraction of Blood-Corpuscles Through the Action of Cold

By R. U. Piper

A Queer Fish

A Trial of Xanthium Spinosum

Nest-Building Fish

Paralysis Treated by Nerve Stretching

The Retention of Images by the Retina

Habits of Ants

New Splint for Fore-Arm and Hand

By E. H. Coover

Spectra of Metals at the Base of Flames

By M. Gouy

Philadelphia Academy of Sciences

Suggestions for Economical and Ornamental Fences and House-Trimmings

By Paddlefast

Reproduction of the Portland Vase

A New Way of Outlining Theatre Scenery

Dissolving Silk

The Eagles of Poetry and Prose

By Edward Newman

Why Fine Gold Floats

Force and Velocity of the Wind

Sir William Thomson's New Compass

Moustac Swallows

The Ataccia Cristala

Bacillus Anthracis

The German Excavations at Olympia

Remarkable Roman Archæological Discoveries

A New Anæsthetic Agent

The Village Lyceum


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