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New Gunboats for the Chinese Government

Torpedo Warfare

Statue of Professor Faraday

How to Build Cheap Boats. No. X

By Paddlefast

The Vanguard

Steam-Launch Building

Cleopatra's Needle


A Monument of The Pharaohs

Pipes for Gas and Other Purposes

Recent Improvements in Aniline Blacks

By M. Antony Guyard

The Radiometer

By C. A. Young

Sir William Grove on the Radiometer

New Method for Determining Refractive Powers

By H. C. Sorby

Throstle Nest Bridge, Manchester

Possible Improvements in Marine Propulsion

Determination of Carbon in Iron and Steel

By Andrew S. McCreath

Silver-Mining in New England

New Textile Inventions

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Analysis of China Clays from Kin-Kiang, in China

By M. W. Kalmann

Sulphur of Gypsum and of Soda Employed in the Glass Manufacture

By M. O. Schott

Laboratory Manipulations

Determination of Phosphorus and Arsenic by the Molybdate of Ammonia

By M. M. Champion and H. Pellet

Chemical Society, London

By J. H. Gilbert

Catechu de Laval, a New Coloring Matter for Linen and Cotton

Painless Extinction of Animal Life

New Combustible

Lithotrity with Nitric Acid


Contraction of Blood Corpuscles through the Action of Cold

Dilution of the Blood and Feeding by the Veins

Epidemic Diseases and their Remedies

Physiological Action of Alcohol


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    April 28, 1877