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Determination of Stress-Bowstring Girder

By Lieut. George S. Clarke

The Bourdon Pressure Gauge

Combined Engine and Clay Mill

Cement for Wooden Baths

Rack Railway Locomotive

The Ice Boat Whiff

The New Bridge at Pittsburgh

New Holtz Electrical Machine

By Elihu Thomson

The Edson Recording Steam Gauge

On Welding

By Richard Howson

Pipes for gas and other Purposes

Inventions of the Century

Abstract of a lecture by Prof. Pliny E. CHASE, before the Franklin Institute, March 6, 1877


By R. H. Thurston

Mordanting Cotton for Aniline Dyes

A New Respirator for Firemen

Plan for Fireproof Flooring

Iron and Steel

By C. W. Siemens

Mine Ventilator

Size of Hydrogen Atoms

Solid Steel Castings

Preservation of Fodder

Corn Stover and Hay

Birds in Gardens

Barnyard Manure

Sussex Cattle

Horticultural Notes

Cotton Seed as Manure

Value of the Dung of a Cow

The Tulip Tree

By Wm. Bacon

Manurial Substances

Photo Hints

Photographic Reproduction of Bank Notes

Photography in Lace Factories

Substitute for Glass in Dry Plates

Weakening Opaque Negatives

By E. Riewel


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    May 05, 1877

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism