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New Passenger Station at Washington, D.C

Refrigerating Freight Cars

J. B. Hoyt's Furnace for the Combustion of Bituminous Coal Without Smoke

Iron and Steel

Inaugural Address of Dr. C. W. Siemens

Steel Making

Iron Railway Cars

Iron as a Building Material

Avonmouth Dock, Bristol

The Building of a French Lighthouse

Physical Society

By G. C. Foster

New Armstong Gun

Moss Copper

By W. M. Hutchings

A New Method of Determining Melting Points of Metals and other Substances

By Himly

Mercury-Bichromate Battery

Marshall's Traction Engine

A Cheap Farm Bridge

Composition of the Sweet Potato

The Adulteration of Milk

By Henry A. Mott

Atomic Weight of Selenium

Deutsche Chemisciie Gesellschaft, Berlin

March 12

By A. W. Hofmann

Chemical Society, London

March 15, 1877

By Abel

New Method of Producing Nitrogen

By J. W. Gatehouse

Increase of Weight by Combustion of a Substance

A Live Anaconda

The Eyes of a Flounder

What is Bathybius?


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May 12, 1877

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