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Influence of form on the Magnetism of Soft Iron Cylinders

Quadruple Hydraulic Punching and Shearing Machine

American Axes in England

The Wigzell & Halsey Machine

American Iron and Steel Works

By A. L. Holley and Lenox Smith

Ancient River Channels

Collier's Shaping Machine

Taylor's Plate Pickling Machines

Messrs. TAYLOR&Co., Briton Ferry, Engineers

Russian Steam Launch

Annual Conversazione of the Royal Society, London

White Lead

The Burleigh Tunnel, Georgetown, Colorado

The Attractive Force of the Atom in Combination

By D. P. Blackstone

Wool Dyeing

By George Jarmain

Sewage Works for small Towns

Prescriptions and Formulæ

Sanitary Science

The Norwegian Lemming and its Migrations

By W. Duppa Crotch

Artificial Butter

The Phosphates

Intelligence of Ants

Demodex Folliculorum

How to make Bone and Horn Manure

Sugar from Corn

Valuation of Manures


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    June 09, 1877

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