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Coal Required to Puddle a Ton of Iron

The “Victory” Printing Press

Action of Burning Gunpowder on Steel

Strength of Bricks

On Axle Breakage

By W. Thamm


Gas Pressure-Gauge

Steam Boiler Economy

Heating Feed-Water

By J. Haug

The London “Times” on American Manufactures

A Ball on a Jet of Air, Steam, or Water

By W. F. Durfee

Irwell River Bridge, Manchester, Eng

Wool Dyeing

By George Jarmain

A Curious New Sponge, Kallispongia

Why Silk Hats are Dear

Adulteration of Cochineal

Evidences of the Age of Ice

By Henry Woodward

The Temperature of the Sea

Colored Hail and Snow

Lecturer on Chemistry, Glasgow

By A. T. Machattie

The Planet Vulcan

How the Earth may be Destroyed

Geological Time

Presidential Address Before the Liverpool Geological Society

By T. Mellard Reade


Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna

Wearing Properties of Aluminium

Silicotungstic Acid as a Reagent for Alkaloids

Fireproof Curtain

Bacteria, and what Will Kill Them

The Joyote of Mexico

By Alfonso Herrera

Vegetable Coloring Matters

Xanthium Spinosum


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    June 16, 1877

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