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Solvay's Distilling Apparatus for the Concentration of Gas Liquor from Gas Works

By G. Th. Gerlach

Boilers of the Havemeyer Sugar Works

Drying Machine for Crystals

The Light of Flames

Pipes for Gas and other Purposes

Continental Railways

On the Mechanical Firing of Steam Boilers

By W. J. Pearse

A Paddle Engine for Light Draught Steamers

Water Works at Bangor, Maine

By L. H. Eaton

Thornycroft's Screw Propeller

On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

New Investigations on the Compound Electroplating Bath


Ball Lightning

Improvement in Dynamo-Electric Machines

By F. J. Lontin

Structure and Origin of Meteorites

Fifty Syrup Recipes. For Mineral Waters and other Purposes

Practical Receipts

Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft, Berlin

Estimation of Boracic Acid

Treating Lubricating Oils

Synthesis of Urea

A New Oxygen Retort

By William J. Chadwick

Preparation of Pure Bismuth

On Formation of Saltpetre by Organic Ferments

Explosion of Nitro-Hydrochloric Acid

A New Ureometer for Clinical Use

The Ferments Contained in Plants

By C. Kosmann

Density of Alum Solutions

Curability of Acute Phthisis

Colognes for the Sick-Room

By George Leis

Iron and Steel Manufacture

A New Solvent for Silk

Portraits in Watch Glasses

Neptunium, a New Metal

Inventions and Improvements Announced Abroad



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    June 23, 1877

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