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Wrought Iron Bridge Designs

By Wm. O. Douglas

Health and Sewage of Towns

The Practical Experience of the Dry System

By Alfred Carpenter

Important Ditch Enterprise

Carlisle Bridge, Dublin

Extinction of Fires

Foot Bridge Across the River Ness

The New German Patent Law

New Meat Trucks

Radiating Steam Hercules for the St. Heliers' Harbor Works

Scott's Wheel Cutting and Moulding Machine

Rope Driving in Cotton Mills

The Sizing of Cotton Goods.*

By W. Thompson

Notes on Garment Dyeing

Preparation of Garments With Cotton Warps

Differential Screw Pipe Joint

Pipes for Gas and other Purposes

On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

On Catastrophism

By Clarence King

Thoroughbred Pigs

Tree Leaves as Fertilizers

Shall Country Houses have Cellars ?

Improving Pastures

The Black Poplar Tree


Leaves of the Button Snake Root


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