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A Very Fast Steam Launch

By Paddlefast

Raising Sunken Vessels

On a Practical Method of Raising Sunken Vessels *

By Latimer Clark

Propeller and Propeller Shaft of the “Thetis ”

Corrosion of Propellers

Pump Propulsion

Improved Ship's Anchor

On Steam Boilers and Engines for High Pressures

By Loftus Perking



Another Atlantic Cable

An Improved Squeezer

By Jeremiah Head

Spontaneous Combustion

By Charles W. Vincent


By D. Bruce Peebles

Aerial Telegraphy

New Theory of Microscopic Vision

Observations on Professor Abbe's Experiments illustrating his Theory of Microscopic Vision

By J. W. Stephenson

Elimination of Lead in Saturnine Paralysis

Cure for Prickly Heat

A New Theory of the Origin of Typhoid Fever

The Microscopic Anatomy of Vaccination

The Effect of Inaudible Vibrations Upon Sensitive Flames

Pus in Hospitals

Oxide of Zinc in Diarrhœa

Jaundice from Pork and Beans

Explanation of Plate


Cause of Pain

A New Discoverer of Anæsthesia

The Body in Extreme Age

Skin Grafting

Singular Example of Lead Poisoning

On the Relative Ages of the Sun and Certain of the Fixed Stars

Read before the American Philosophical Society, April 6, 1877

By Daniel Kirkwood

On Catastrophism

By Clarence King

Building Materials Produced in Maine

Lithographic Stone Supply

English Bank Notes

Cryolite and its Uses


The Guadalupe Mine

On the Metals Which Accompany Iron

By M. A. Terreil

Pencils of Silver Nitrate

Phyllocyanin as a Reagent

Preparation and use in Casting Steel of Alloys of Silicon and Manganese

By Sergius Kern


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    July 21, 1877

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