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Coal-Dust Fuel

The Kind-Chaudron Process for Sinking and Tubing Mining Shafts

By Julien Deby

Fire-Proof Flooring

The Best Foot Walk Pavements

Progress of American Railways

Locomotive Crossheads

Forty-Two Inch Car-Wheel Truck

The Great Tunnel

Improvement in the Manufacture of Barrels

By Ralph M. Munroe

The Uchatius Gun

On the Priming of Steam Boilers

By William Major

Pipes for Gas and other Purposes

Service Pipes

Chemistry and Mineralogy

Preparation to Serve Instead of Argol, in Dyeing Wool With Colors Requiring the Use of the Salts of Tin

By M. Malfait

Fixing Indigo on Tissues

By M. Prud*amp*apos;homme

Cleansing Tissues With Mineral Oils

By M. Zaengerle

A New Stimulant—Pitury

Black Oxide of Manganese as a Disinfectant

By J. De Valmagini

Chemical Notes

The Flow of Solids

By Lewis S. Ware

Floral and Horticultural Notes

On Extirpation of Injurious Insects

By Andrew Murray

The Phosphates

The Liriodendron

On Ground-Air in its Hygienic Relations

By Max Von Pettenkofer


Surgical Treatment of a Horse


Photographic Printing Processes

By C. Baumann

Photographic Society of France

Pressure filter

Proving the Compound Nature of White Light


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    July 28, 1877