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Spruce Creek Tunnel

A Railroad in the Clouds

By J. Eglinton Montgomery

Rack-Rail Railways

Broad Wheel Tires

The Hoosac Tunnel

Russian Torpedo Boats

Nicaraguan Canal

The One Hundred Ton Armstrong Gun

Roots' Mine Ventilator

By E. Hamer Carbutt

Ten Horse Power Engine

The Tides

By Elias Schneider

Capillary Electrometers

Improvement in Electric Lights

By Nicolas Emile Reynier

Fine Water Drops

Edison's Pressure Relay

Red or Green?

Statistical Society, London

Physical Society, London

By G. C. Foster

Frauds on Life Insurance Companies

European Labor

California Academy of Sciences

Sulphurous Castings

Process of Applying Oxygenated Air in Blast-Furnaces

By Charles Hornbostel

Mr. Lewis' Freezing Microtome

Fuel Used to Smelt a Ton of Iron

Forests of Sweden

The Flag, and Other Flags

Chemical Society, London, June 7, 1877

Improvement in Ore-Washers

By Henry E. Taylor

Chemical and Photo Notes

Photo-Lithographic Paper

By J. Husnio

Instantaneous Photography

How Steam Increases its Own Heat

Beet Root and Beet Root Sugar

By Edw. Lefroy Cull

Prizes Offered by the Vienna Photographic Society

Mounting Photographs

By Walter B. Woodbury

How to Enlarge and Photograph Microscopic Objects

By M. A. Rutot

The Prices of Nursery and Greenhouse Products, Abroad and at Home

By Peter Henderson


The Art of Printing

Utilization of Dead Animals

How to Make Rubber Hand Stamps

Indian Corn as Food for Man

Japanese Mirrors


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    August 04, 1877

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