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Collapsible Boats

By E. L. Berthon

Clark and Standfield's Air Cushions for Docks

Science and War

A Railroad in the Clouds

By J. Eglinton Montgomery

Pneumatic Railway, London

Hydraulic Coal Miner

Treating Oxides of Iron

Locomotive Railway Crane

Improved Gas Furnaces

Pneumatic Clock


By John A. Garver

The Dianemoscope

Manufacture of Portland Cement

The Monnier Process at the Providence Mine

On Catarrh

By Dudley Olds

The Physiological Position of Copper

A Turpentine Bath in Rheumatism

Removing Foreign Bodies from the Eye

On Milk Diet

Is Consumption Inoculative?

Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft, Berlin

By A. W. Hofmann

Decomposition of Hydrochlorate of Trimethylamin by Heat

By M. Camille Vincent

The Jablochkoff Electric Candle

Spectrum of the Electric Spark in a Compressed Gas

By M. A. Cazin

Production of Aluminium

Oxygen at High Pressure

By M. P. Bert

Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

How to Draw a Straight Line

By A. B. Kempe

Our Hay Crop

A New Chess Association

Back Numbers

Blackburne Vs. Zukertort

Dr. C. C. Moore

Grand International Chess Match

International Chess Congress

Scientific American Chess Record

The Ruy Lopez Gambit


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    August 11, 1877

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism