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Objects of Interest in Pittsburgh

Proposed New Bridge over the Thames, London

Machinery for Making Slag Blocks

Wings vs. Wheels

Open Contract for foot-Bridge, Manchester

Regan's Smokeless Furnace Grates

Fire-Proof Construction

The Otheoscope

Taylor's Improved Drop light

Improved Forging Hammers and Stamps

How to Draw a Straight Line

The Elasticity and Density of Vapors

Experiments on the Maximum Elasticity and Density of Vapors

By Alex. Morton

Influence of Light on the Electric Resistance of Metals

The Half-Prism Spectroscope

The Electric Conductivity of Water

The Electric Candle

The Cycloscope

On Iron as a Natural Constituent of Wines

By C. R. Alder Wright

Method of Determining Index of Refraction

Magnetization of Polarized Light

Longitude by Telegraph

Russian Chemical Society, St. Petersburg

Chemical Notes

Air in Sea Water

Absorption of Antimony and Arsenic by Charcoal

Analyst to thl' Geological Survey of New Zealand

By William Skey

The Chemical Composition of the Flesh of the Halibut

On Drops

Silver Mud in Oregon

The Remarkable Silver and Coal Mines of Peru

The Origin of Mineral Oils

Diffusion of Strontian in Nature

On the Probable Origin and age of the Sun

By James Croll

A Biographical Sketch of an Infant

By Charles Darwin

The Fur-Seal

Master Harry Boardman

Scientific American Chess Record

The Centennial Problem Book

Third American Chess Congress

Chess Acrostics


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    August 25, 1877