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The Pennsylvania Railroad Stock Yards and Abattoir

Continuous Girders

Design for a Truss Bridge

By Jno. H. Snyder

Friction of Pitch

New Ventilating Apparatus

Natural Gas at Sacramento

“Potential” Energy

By S. Tolver Preston

Straw and Coal Burning Engine

New Vertical Engine and Boiler

The “ Aita “ Leveling Apparatus

By Henry Ecroyd

Steam Excavating Machine

French Torpedo Experiments

Improved Steam Pump

The Clock Maker's Hand Turning Tool

The Elasticity and Density of Vapors

Experiments on the Maximum Elasticity and Density of Vapors. *

By Mr. Alex. Morton

A Police Shelter

Irisation of Glass

By E. Fremy and Clemandot

Improved Foot Bellows

How to Draw a Straight Line.*

Chemistry of the Barks of the Oak, Willow, and Elm

By E. Johansen

Testing Aqueous Liquids for Blood

By V. Schwartz


By O. Silvestri


By E. V. Gorup-Besanez.

Spongy Iron and Putrescent Organic Matter. *

By Gustav Bischof

New Derivative of Albuminoid Substances

By P. Schutzenberger

Origin of Bacteria

The Cell-Doctrine in the Light of Recent Investigations

By C. Heitzmann

Rhinoplasty by the Taliacotian Plan

The Genesis of Nerves

A New Method of Curing Popliteal Aneurisms

Cure by the use of Spectacles

Intestinal Obstruction Treated by Electricity

Cure for Rattlesnake Bite

By J. J. Knott

Cure of Intussusception by Soda Water

Treatment of Hydrophobia by Oxygen

Disease Spread by Tailors

New Reflecting Magic Lantern

By J. B. Knight

Can we Transmit Power in Large Amount By Electricity? *

By N. S. Keith

Scientific American Chess Record

Blackburne vs. Steinitz

Historical Chessmen

Scientific Queen Problems

The States vs. Canada

Mrs. J. W. Gilbert

Solutions to Problems

Chess Journal ' B “ Tournament of '76

Our Solvers' Tournay


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