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On a New Dynamometer for Measuring the Power Delivered to the Screws of Large Ships

Tests of Stationary Steam Boilers at the Centennial

A New form of Marine Boiler

Mechanical Appliances Used in the Construction of the Heading Under the Severn, for the Severn Tunnel Railway *

Refrigerating Railway Car

Air Engines

The Higley Anti-Friction Roller Bearings

Improved Gas Tar Pump

Automatic Steam Shut-Off

A Model of a Mine

Sinking Through Aqueous Strata without Pumping Machinery

Locating and Describing Mining Claims

Who May Take Up Clams on the Public Lands and How it Should be Done

Compound Lathe and Oval Eccentric Chuck

How to Use the Carpenter's Square

By John O*amp*apos;Connell

Bleaching Wool without Stoving

New Mordant for Fixing Coloring Matters

Needlework *

By Mary W. Willis

Manufacture of Slag Wool

Use of Soluble Glass in the Textile Industry

By H. Gbothe

Preparation Of Soluble Glass from Fossil Meal

By F. Capitaine

Dyeing Paper with Aniline Colors

Diminishing the Inflammability of Wood

Cedar Wood

Aniline Writing Inks

Valuable Recipes

The Trial of the Pyx

New Method of Preparing Music Printing Plates

Indian Corn

Improved Street Cars

Designs for Conservatories

The Zinc Mines of Lancaster County, Pa

Oxygen in Steels

By Sergius Kern

Flue Dust

Crystals of Cobric Acid

Being the Macroscopical Active Principle of the Cobra Poison

Russian Scientific News

Manufacture of Alum

Freezing Mixtures *

A Remarkable Vegetable Poison

Unalterable Silver Bath

Preparation of Chemically Pure Grape Sugar

By C. Neubauer

Photography by Lightning

Photo Hints

New Derivative of Indigotin

By P. Schutzenberger

Cleaning of Plates and Lenses

Cleaning the Daguerreotype

By W. L. Shoemaker

Emulsion Manipulations

By H. J. Newton

Evans Gambit

King's Bishop's Gambit

Solutions to Problems

The British Counties Chess Association

The Leipzig Chess Congress


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    September 15, 1877

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