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Mechanical Stokers and Smoke Preventers

The Steam Launch “Cinderella”

By Paddlefast

A Simple and Efficient Mechanical Movement

The First Locomotive, the Stourbridge Lion

English Railway Tunnels

The New Bridge over the Douro River, Portugal

On Heating Feed-Water

By J. Haug

Pneumatic Postal Transmission

A New Flying Machine

The Wyandotte, Kansas, Gas Well

Steam Motive Power

Puydt's Project for a Canal between the Atlantic and Pacific

Portland Cement

British Official Reports on the Philadelphia Exhibition

Valves for Gas and Other Purposes

The Foreign Fresh Meat Trade

Designs for Brussels Carpets

Unsworth's Winding Doubling Machine

Tests for Hemp, Jute, etc

Loom-Stopper Alarm

Improvements in Wool Carding

Arlonine Black Direct on Wool

Soluble Aniline Black and Grays

On Dyeing Felt

Brown Colors with Wood Extracts

The Earth's Interior Density and Construction

By D. P. Blackstone

New Dressing for Tissues

Geology of the West

By J. Van Cleve Phillips

Heat Underground

Professor Tyndall on Spontaneous Generation

Bichromate of Potash as an Antiseptic

The Vegetable Origin of Malaria

Old Age

Laws Governing the Production of the Sexes

Detection of Criminals by the Microscope

The Young Men's Christian Association Building, Philadelphia, Penn., Mr. Addison Hutton, Architect

The Size of London


The American Association for the Advancement of Science

A Little Farm Well Tilled

The Rice Crop of the United States

How Plums are Made into Prunes

A Prize English Farm

Chess in Leipzig

Jacob Elson, of Philadelphia


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    September 22, 1877

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