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On the Artificial Production of Ice

Valves for Gas and Other Purposes

Equilibrium Blow-Off Cock

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

Preservation of Iron Structures

By C. Graham Smith

Street Track Sweeper

The Rouchat Viaduct

Cheap Fire-Proof Houses

New Mordant for Fixing Coloring Matters

Prices now and in 1860

Aniline Black on Calico

Washing and Cleansing Wool

Sulpholeic Acids

Solubility of Silk in an Alkaline Glycerine Solution of Copper

Remarks on Aniline Black

Orange and Chrysoine

Mordant for Turkey Red


Alum Treatment of Silk

On Dyeing in Wooden Becks

Fast Puce from Artificial Cochineal

Bleaching China Clays

Application of Chrome in Printing

Ancient Life in America

By O. C. Marsh

Octopus Fishing in Japan

The Credit Side of the Insect Account

Red Water in Long Island Sound


A Curious Globe

The Caterpillar Cure

Reclaimed Salt Marshes

By W. Clift

Pot-Grown Strawberries

By F. R. Pierson

Growing Chestnuts from Seed

A Meteorite 1,500 Feet in Diameter

The Ställdalen Meteorite. *

A Visit to Lord Rosse's Telescope

Amateur World Problem Prize

Scientific American Chess Record

Scientific Queen Problems

Solutions to Problems

Steinitz and Zuckertort

The Vienna Chess Congress of 1873

William Steinitz

(Irregular Opening)


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    September 29, 1877