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On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

Trees as Electrical Conductors

By M. Th. Du Moncel

Electric Naval Lights

Electricity Applied to Cotton Manufacturing

Electricity in War

By H. Baden Pritchard

Electric Method for the Determination of Manganese, Nickel, Zinc, and Lead

By M. A. Riche

Iron Electrotypes

The Dangers of Car-Coupling

Theiler's Patent Speed Recorder and Indicator

The Clyde Steamer Lord of the Isles

A New Method of Compressing Air

By Jos. P. Frizell

Pneumatic Rock-Boring Machinery

Making Propeller Patterns

Deep Sea Mollusca

The Relations between Mathematics and Physics

Meeting of the British Association at Plymouth

The Progress of Chemistry

The Shifting of the Axis of the Earth

Binaural Audition

Deep-Sea Soundings

The Color of Human Hair

Wave Progression

A Resisting Medium in Space

Life on Meteoric Stones

Report of the Close-Time Committee

Arctic Coal

Stimulants of Savages

Extirpation of Superior Maxillary Nerve and Meckel's Ganglion for Facial Neuralgia

By G. R. Fowler

New Horse Disease

Paper Splints

The Purple of the Retina

By Adolf Alt

Carbolic Acid as an Antiseptic

Carbolic Acid in Diarrhœa

Ammonia in Snake Bite

By Thomas A. Elder

A Nevada Sand Storm

Aztec Ruins of Southwestern Colorado

On the Rivers La Plata and San Juan

On Certain Chemical Effects of Oxygenized Graphite and Platinum

By William S. Skey

Akademie der Wissenchaften, Vienna

June and July, 1877

Oxalic Acid in Fungi

By William M. Hamlet and Charles B. Plowwright

Simple Laboratory Manipulations

By P. Townsend Austen

New Process for the Preparation of Extracts without Heat

By Alphonse Herrera

Tincture Stoppers

Purification of Lead

Stamping Machinery

The Copaiba Tree of Brazil—How the Balsam is Collected

Certain Properties of the Sulphides of Platinum considered from an Analytical Point of View

By M.J. Ribau

Comparison of Butter and Oleomargarine


Separation of Iron from Chrome and Uranium

By M. A. Ditte

Tinning Thin Cast Iron

Howard Staunton

Solutions to Problems

Staunton and Harwitz

Scientific American Chess Record

Staunton and St. Amant

The Problem of the Eight Queens

“Miron's Tournaments” of 1856


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