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Capt. Swinburn's Portable Anchors

The Bevis Adjustable Propeller

200 H. P. Horizontal Engine

Rowan's Safety Disc for Boilers

Rastrick's Tube-Scraper

Improved Sluice Valves

American Locomotives in Australia

Road and Agricultural Locomotive

Works of the Bethlehem Iron Company

By A. L. Holley and Lenox Smith

Economic Science

Thermal Conductivities of Rocks

The British Association Geography

Report on Underground Temperature

Railway Brakes

Action of Oils On Copper

Turning of Screw Steamers

Tidal Investigations.—The Admiralty Tables

The Pearly Nautilus

The Movements of Water in Plants

The Color of Animals

Life-History of Simplest Organisms

Excluding Germs from Operating Rooms

Chemical Constitution of the Solar System

Electric Signal for Divers

The Resistance of Ships

Removal of Eddystone Lighthouse

New Double Current Telegraph Key

By P. Trimmer

Luminous Meteors

Electrical Smoke Figures

Theiler's Relay

Zirconia for the Oxy-Hydrogen Light

By John Christopher Draper

A New Mordant

Washing Out Flasks by Inversion

By P. Townsend Austen

Silk Production

Hardened Glass for Laboratory Purposes

By J. W. Swan

Detection of Organic Compounds in Vegetable Tissues

By Ottomar Herrmann

Instantaneous Photography

Removing Varnish


New Photo-Printing Process—The Despaquis Method

By Ernest Lacan

Measurement of Height of Clouds

By A. Mallock

Plate-in-the-Bath Pictures

By Fred. Scott Archer

New Microscopic Attachment

A Simple Device for the Illumination of Balsam-mounted Objects for Examination with certain Immersion Objectives whose “ Balsam Angle” is 90° or upwards

By J. J. Woodward

An Ancient Beehive

The Ramie Fiber

On the Fluid Extract of Jaborandi

By Francis V. Greene

Death Bed Studies

American Workmen from a European Point of View

The Poison of Small-Pox

The Filling of Wafer Capsules

By J. C. Wharton

Researches on the Consumption of Oxygen and the Excretion of Carbonic Acid in Man

By Dr. Speck

Insects in Flour

Fresh Meat Transportation.

Eclipses of the Moon

The Moons of Mars

Photography of the Sun's Rotation

By Captain Abney

Historical Chess Anecdote

Impromptu Sentiment

Delivered at the opening festival of toke New York Chess Club, October, 1856

By D. W. Fiske

London Chess Tournament of 1851

Robert H. Seymour

Scientific American Chess Record

Scientific Queen Problem

Solutions to Problems

The London Tournament of 1851


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    October 13, 1877