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The Russian Circular Ironclads

The S.S. Silva Americano

Dennison's “Ingurgitator” Dredge

Soft Steel and Ingot Iron

Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society

Posts and Shores

The Severn Railway Bridge

The Combination Shaft

Slipping of Locomotive Wheels

Rock-Boring Machinery

Nut and Bolt Forging Machine

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

Second Seems, No. XIII. On the Screw Propeller, Continued

By C. W. MacCord

Influence of Heat Upon Magnetisation

By M. J. M. Gaugain

Electrolysis of Sulphurous Acid

By M. A. Guerout

The British Association

A New Standard Unit of Light

The Telephone

By W. H. Preece

The Lower Limit of the Thermal Spectrum

Binocular Microscope for High Powers

By J. Traill Taylor


List of Plants which afford Raphides, Sprnraphides, Long Crystal Prisms, and Short Prismatic Crystals

By George Gulliver

Bacteria and Vibrios


Staining by Nitrate of Silver

New Medicaments

Functions of the Liver

Errors in Diet

By Wilson

Warming and Ventilation

By Douglas Galton

New Opera House, Paris

Solutions to Problems

By S. Loyd

Bird and Mason

Elias Stein

Bird and Steinitz

Bird and Wisker

Scientific American Chess Record

Denis Julien and the First Albion Tournay

H. S. Bird


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