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The Kentucky River Bridge

Improved Wheels for Colliery Corves

On the Effect of Punching on Iron and Steel Plates

By A. C. Kirk

Hardening and Tempering Steel

By Joshua Rose

Improvement in Gas Engines

The Lauria Floating Dock

New Typographic Machine

The Klotz Safety-Valve

Improvement in Methods of Repairing Structures with Beton or Concrete

By John C. Goodridge

The Remarkable Mountain Lumber Flumes of California

A New Method of Detecting Alcohol, When Used as an Adulterant of the Essential Oils

By Edmund W. Davy

Rice Hulling and Brushing

Removal of Strong Odors from the Hands

Obtaining Coloring Matter from Coal

Gas Generator and Blowpipe

By Alex. C. Thomson

Extraction of Silver from Cyanide Baths

By M. De Bibra


Bronze for Iron

By M. P. Hess

Flames Charged with Saline Dust

By M. Gouy

Improved Condenser

By Charles Rice

Californian Stamps

Researches on the Gases Contained in the Tissues of Fruits

By M. A. Livache

New Organic Acid Occurring in Nature

By C. Stahlschmidt

Extraction of Copper by an Acid Solution of Ferrous Chloride

By M. A. Hauch

Coloring and Preserving Photographs

By Joseph A. Schultz

The Cyanotype Process

Recovery of Gold from Solutions

Paper Negatives

Mineral Growth

Asser's Photo-Lithographic Process


By Richard A. Proctor

Monochromatic Light in Photo-Microscopy

By Captain Abney

Influences of the Earth's Rotation

The Source of the Gulf Stream

By I. E. Nagle

The Rotation of the Sun

The Great Lick Telescope

Prehistoric Trees

The Enemy of the Oyster

Boils, Carbuncles, Etc.

The Poison Oak of California

By James G. Steele

Rudolf L. C. Virchow

Fat in Animals

John Wilkinson's Problem Book

Napoleon Marache

Problems from the Pages of History

Revolutionary Chess Anecdote

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems

Stanley and Rousseau


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    October 27, 1877

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism