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Olmstead's Railroad Track Sweeper

New Narrow Gauge Locomotive

The Eddy Locomotive

On Water Ballast

By Benjamin Martel

Liverpool Engineering Society

On Launching the Ironclads Kaiser and Deutschland, and Other Large Ships

By D. A. Samuda

Machinery for Boring Rock

The Sutro Tunnel

New Bridge Over the Medway, at Maidstone

The Tay Bridge

Relations of Labor to Education

By James Johonnot

The Manawatu Gorge Bridge, New Zealand

Cast Steel Guns

Experiments with the New Artillery made from Steel Without Blows. *

By M. Gautier

Cleaning of Plates and Lenses

Sensitiveness of Bichromate Salts

Elasticity of Metals at Different Temperatures

By G. Pisati

Rapid Collodion

A Self-Acting Print Washing Machine

By W. A. Nicholas

Glass Impervious to Gases

By G. Quincke

The Range of the Homœopathic Law in the Practice of Medicine

By W. B. A. Scott

Simultaneous Exposure and Development

By Ernest Boivin

An Anecdote of Sir Isaac Newton

Heat in Muscular Action

Salt in the Animal Economy

The Phenomena of Human Life

By John Tyndall

Cultivation of Peanuts

J. H. Finlinson, of Huddersfield, England

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems

No. 19. By H.E Bird

West Yorkshire Chess Association

Notice to Correspondents


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