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Retort Settings

The Lowe Gas Process


Valves for Gas and other Purposes

Blasting Jelly and other Explosives

New Suspension Bridge

The Wren Gas Works

The Howe Truss Angle-Block.

To the editor of the scientific american

The Removal of Sand Bars

By M. Ch. Bergeron

The Portable Engine of the Future

Improved Range Finder

New Schoolhouse Design

The Ventilating and Warming of School Houses

By F. Winsor

A New Building, Syracuse

Drying Plastering in Denmark

How can the Present Method of Carriage-Painting be Improved ?

By W. H. Stewart

An Art Fan Exhibition, Liverpool

Antique Roman Marble Vase

On Sulphocyanates in Urine

By R. Gscheidlen

Free Ammonia in Cast Steel

By P. Regnard

Formation of Glycogen in the Bodies of Animals

By J. Forster

Formation and Separation of Pepsin

By P. Gr*amp*uuml;tzner

Differences of Chemical Structure and of Digestion amongst Animals

By F. Hoppe-Seyler

Aconitic Acid in the Juice of the Sugarcane

By Arno Behr

The Pancreatic Juice of Herbivora

By A. Henry and P. Wallheim

Red Blood-Corpuscles

By W. H. Hammond

Platinum Ore from the Ural Mountains

By Sergius Kern

Nitric Acid and its Salts

By Adolph Geyger

Modifications of Animal Fats

By H. C. Bartlett

Decomposition of Crystallized Potash-Alum at 100°

By Alex Naumann

Chemical Reagents

By Malvern W. Iles

Separation of Sal-Ammoniac in Urine

By C. Voit

Relation of Phosphoric Acid to Nitrogen in Urine

By W. Zulzer

Pure Manganese Chloride from Chlorine Residues

By A. Pizzi

The Function of Chlorophyll

By R. Sachhse

Heat in the Silver Mines

Electrosilicic Light

By G. Plante

Carbon Points for the Electric Light

By F. Carre

Bubbles by Heat

By Walter Noel Hartley

An ancient Specimen of Tin

By A. H. Church

Theory of Colors applied to the Arts and to Industry

The Poison of the Cobra De Capello

By A. W. Blyth

The Electric Register and Koenig's Tuning Forks

By LeR C. Cooley

Lighting By Electricity

By Robert Briggs

Star or Star-Mist

By Richd. A. Proctor

The Granulation of Wheat

By Oscar Oexle


How to Mount Spiders

Atmospheric Floating Iron

Problem from the Page of History

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems

Solvers Tourney

The Deciding Game in the Match Between Harwitz and Lowenthal

The Detroit free Press Problem Tournaments

Free Press Prize Problem Tourney No. 3

Herr Harwitz of Prussia


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    November 17, 1877

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