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New Steel Steam Launch

Double Life Boat with Sea-Dividing Ends

Novel Scene at the C. & C. Shaft

Improved Steam and Water Valve

Improvements in Bicycles

Cheap Ice-Houses

Improved Eccentric Valve

Glass Works, Sunderland, Eng

The Aleurometer or Flour Tester

Method of Extracting and Purifying Sugar

By Tannevan

Lighting by Electricity

Jet for a Wash-Bottle

Hops in Bread

By L. Pasteur

Cochineal-Red for Woolen Goods

By A. Kielmeyer

Barometrical High and Low Pressures Caused by Gyrating Winds

By Geo. W. Dow

How to Measure the Height of Clouds

By Alexander Ringwood

Absorption of Water and Lime Salts by the Leaves of Phaseolus Multiflorus

By J. Boehm

Reveries of an Astronomer

By Richard A. Proctor

Protoplasmic Filaments of the Teasel

Determination of Morphine in Opium

By E. F. Teschemacher

Nitrifaction by Organized Ferments

By T. Schloesing and A. Muntz

Lowpipe Reactions

By E. J. Chapman

Injurious Effects Produced by Covering Roads with Pyrites-Residues

By T. Sarrazin

Testing Fatty Oils

By G. Merz

Schaffner's Method of Estimating Zinc

By F. A. Thurn

Rapid Extraction of Caffeine

By Paul Cazeneuve and O. Caillol

Phosphorescent Bodies

By Br. Radziszewski

Palladium in Electro-Deposition

By Frantz

Estimating Salicylic Acid and of Detecting it in Milk

By Muter

Detection of Resin in Soaps

Copper in the Blood of Animals

By M. S. Cloez

Adulteration of Wine

By G. Chancel

Action of Sodic Hyposulphite on the Hæmatin of Blood

By P. Cazeneuve

Action of Ammonia on Alizarin

By Hugo R. V. Perger

A New Qualitative Reaction for Boric Acid

By M. W. Iles

Testing olive Oil

By G. Merz

Equipment and Working of a Small Pharmaceutical Laboratory

By G. F. Schacht

Oxygen in the Soil

By P. Deh*amp*eacute;rajn and G. Vesque

Ancient Palestine

Clock in Carton-Pierre

The Glandular Origin of Contagious Diseases

Development of the Nerves in the Chick

Solutions to Problems

The Second Clipper Tournament, 1859

Theodore M. Brown

First Match Between De La Bourdonnais and M'Donnell

Scientific American Chess Record


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    November 24, 1877

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