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Diack's Excavator for Sinking Cylinder Foundations

By J. Diack

Hardening and Tempering Steel

By Joshua Rose

Sea Sounding

Raising and Lowering Weights

The Shipping of the World

Rock-Drilling Machine

By John Darlington

The Institution of Civil Engineers

Subject for Papers.—Session 1877-78

Physical Society, London

Professor Rankine

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. Maccord

On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

A Munificent Bequest

The Cochrane Suit in a Nut-Shell

Fire Screens in Enameled Sheet Iron

Lectures on Paralysis and Convulsions as Effects Of Organic Disease Of the Brain

By C. E. Brown-Sequard

Rotating Teeth in their Sockets

By J. N. Farrar

Aerial Photography

Photo Notes

Lichtdruck with Water Colors

Improved Negative Retouching

By G. Frank E. Pearsall

Electrical Movements of Camphor on Water

By P. Casamajor

Violet Supplementary Light

Improvement in Carbon Printing

Electric Illumination

Diamond-Bearing Sand

By S. Meunier

United States Mining Laws

The System Employed in Drilling for Oil

The Flow of Natural Gas

Reflection of Heat

New Discoveries in the Pennsylvania Oil Region

Fattening Poultry by Machinery

What Earthworms are Good For

Points of a Good Horse

Kolisch and the Paris Tournoi of '57

Kolisch vs. Neumann, Paris Tournoi, 1868

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems


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    December 22, 1877

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