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Corrosion in Boilers

Pendulum Pump

A New Loom Harness

Hawkins's Worm Gearing

Boiler Inspection Rules of the English Board of Trade

Rules of the English Board of Trade

The Frue Vanning Ore Concentrator

Holman's Life Slide for the Microscope

The Newtonian Dissolving Lantern

New Lantern Slide

Metals Accompanying Iron

By A. Terreil

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

Second Series.-No. XVII

By C. W. MacCord

Reproduction of Frescoes

By Count Ludovico De Courten

Designs for Jewelry

Diamonds and other Precious Stones

Lectures on Paralysis and Convulsions as Effects of Organic Disease of the Brain

Delivered at the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, N. Y.,1877

By C. E. Brown-Sequard

Women as Physicians

The Science of Temperance

On the Preparation of Dialysed Iron

By E. B. Shuttleworth


By Anton Von Schr*amp*ouml;tter

Charles A. Gilberg, of Brooklyn

Chess Spectrum Analysis

Scientific American Chess Record

By C. A. Gilberg

Solutions to Problems

By R. B. Wormald

The Scientific American Supplement Index for vol. 4


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    December 29, 1877

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