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The Catamaran, or Double-Hulled Sail-Boat

By Paddlefast

Economy in Steam

Three-Throw Pumps

Mechanical Appliances for Mine Accidents

By Charles Hawksley and Edward B. Marten

Mr. Ruskin's Aphorisms on Drawing

Lessons in Mechanical Drawing

By C. W. MacCord

A Ten-Inch Gauge Railroad

Lifting a Railway Station

Hardening and Tempering of Steel

By Joshua Rose

Experiments with Atmospheric Electricity

By A. B. Harding

Notes on the Botany of the Rocky Mountains

Leyden Jar Discharge

Human Stature

Watch Oils

Ingenious Method of Weighting Woolen Cloth

The Silk Industry in Europe

Testing Wool

Removal of Strong Odors from the Hands

Rapid Filtering

By C. Holthof

Oil of Turpentine, Rosin and Turpentine

By Isidore Zacharias

Coating Plates of Metal

Wool and Rag Cleansing

Wool Greasing

On the Protection from Atmospheric Action Which is Imparted to Metals by a Coating of Certain of their own Oxides Respectively

By John Percy

On the Action of Various Fatty Oils upon Copper.*

By William Henry Watson

A New Series of Acid Salts

By A. Villers

Presence of Benzene in Coal-Gas

By M. Berthelot

Freezing Point of Ether

By A. P. N. Franhuimont

Experiments Relative to the Formation of Ultramarine

By J. F. Plicque

Detection of Fatty Matters Fraudulently Introduced into Butter

By C. Husson

Action of Cyanogen on Albumin

Cheap Greenhouses

Zinc in Animals and Plants

By G. Lechartier F. Bellamy and F. Bellamy

Winter Coloring of Leaves

By G. Haberlandt

Saccharifying Ferments

By J. Seegen and Kratschmer

Metanethol Camphor

By P. Perrenoud

Labor-Saving Cows

Influence of Cold on Milk

Hop Culture in New York

By Emery Gilbert Bissell

Extraction of Caffeine

By Legrip and Petit

Estimation of Piperine in Pepper

By Cazeneuve and Caillol

Detection of Alum in Flour

By J. C. Bell

Coloring Matter of the Petals of Rosa Gallica

By Harold Senier

A Suggestion for Winter Strawberries

To Destroy Chicken Lice

Cost of Raising Potatoes

Judd vs. Alberoni

Problem Tournaments for 78

Rev. L. W. Mudge, Princeton, N. J.

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems

The Hartford Globe Problem Tournament


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    January 05, 1878

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