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A Novel Method of Forming Joints in Gas and Water Mains—A Lead Joint Calked by Hydrostatic Pressure

The Curving of Waves round Bays and Breakwaters

By S. R. Deverell

Force of Wind

H.M.S. “Iris.”

Improved Boat Lowering Apparatus

Successful Lifting of a Sunken Steamship

Canal Bridge at Blackburn, Eng

War Ships of Europe

Tunnels and Rock-Boring Machinery

By John Darlington

The Haxall Mills, at Richmond, Virginia

Vertical Air-Pump Condenser

Compound Armor Plates

A Successful Small-Sized Catamaran

The Emma Mine

Design for Dwelling

The Technology of the Paper Trade

By William Arnot

A Bobbin, and how it is Made

Improvement in Pirn-Winding

Lectures on Paralysis and Convulsions as Effects of Organic Disease of the Brain

Recently Delivered at Bellevue Hospital Medical College,New York

By C. E. Brown-Sequard

On a Percolating and Filtering Stand

By Joseph P. Remington

Chemical Society, London

Action of Sulphuric Acid and Oxidizing Agents on Morphia and its Salts

By David Lindo

Sodium Salicylate

By George W. Kennedy

Action of Water Containing Carbonic Acid upon Certain Minerals and Rocks

By J. Muller

Alteration of Eggs

By A. B*amp*eacute;champ and G. Eustache

Destruction of Leather by Gas

By George E. Davis

Photographs in Natural Colors

By H. Vogel

Liquefaction of Acetylen

By M. Cailletet

Simple means of Disinfection

By A. Eckstein

Horticultural Notes

Cacao Cultivation in Ceylon

Government Garden, Ootacamund, India

Max Peiler, of Hartford, Conn

Norfolk vs. New York, 1840

Solutions to Problems

Early Chess by Correspondence

The Clipper Sui-Mate Tourney

Scientific American Chess Record

By T. M. Brown


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