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A Remarkable Man

The Modern Telescope

By J. Norman Lockyer

Magnetization of Tubes of Steel

By J. M. Gaugain

Velocity Meter, or Self-Registering Tachometer

On a New Arrangement for Distinguishing the Axes of Doubly Refracting Substances

By H. C. Sorby

Action of Light upon Oxalic Acid

The Telephone

Simultaneous Transmission in Opposite Directions

By M. Giovanni Marini

Modification of Bell's Telephone

By M. Trouve

Electric Currents of High Tension

Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences

By M. Gaston Plante

Battery in Which the Electrode at Tacked is of Charcoal or Coke

By M. Jablochkoff

Fireless and Hot Water Locomotives

Improved Electro-Magnetic Railway Brake

Improved Hand Power Rock Drill

The Hydraulic Ram

By C. L. Hett

Hank Dyeing, Washing, or Sizing Machine

New Double-Action Vertical Steam Engines

Cochineal Red Printing on Woolens

By M. Kielmeyer

Nicholson Blues

New Process Milling

Dyeing Skins

A Concrete Building Dwelling House

Muir College, Allahabad

Gas Analysis

Iron-Cyanogen Compounds

By Z. H. Skraup

Proceedings of the Chemical Society, London, December 6th, 1877

Gallium—the New Metal

By J. H. Gladstone

Liquefaction of the Binoxide of Nitrogen

By M. Cailletet

Artificial Production of Corundum, Ruby, and Various Crystalline Silicates

By MM. E. Fremy and Feil


By E. Guinot

The Burling Processes of Frezon and Joly

By J. Delong

Photography in Colors

Hydrocarbons Produced by Acids upon Cast-Iron

By M. S. Cloez

Determination of Tellurium

By M. L. Kastner

Determination of Oils

Chemical Phenomena Produced by Electricity

By M. Berthelot

Chemical Notes

Albert Hendschel

Instantaneous Pictures

Insects Destructive to Photographs

Hints to Ferrotypists

By J. R. Applegate

Collodio-Chloride Paper

Chancre of the Lip–Was it Communicated by a Dentist's Instruments?

By C. W. Dulles

Remarkable Knee Joint Surgery

On Rotary-Lateral Curvature of the Spine

Lecture delivered at Bellevue Hospital, November 26th, 1877. Reported by P. Brynberg Porter, M.D.

By Lewis A Sayre

Herr Meyer and the Clipper Tourney of 1876

New York vs. Philadelphia, 1857

Scientific American Chess Record

By H. F. L. Meyer

Solutions to Problems

By James Mason


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