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On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

On the Measurement of Currents

By W. H. Preece

Russian Scientific News

By S. Kern and St. Petersburg

Lighting by Electricity

What Next?

By Bishop Clark

The Telephone in Germany

Steel Armor Plates

Professor S. N. Carvalho's New System of Superheating Steam

The Life Boat Canoe Evangelist

Improved Bilge Water Indicator for Ships

Canoe Race at Waikiou, Fiji

Hart's Improved Injector

Jamieson's Grapnel for Submarine Cables

Ornaments for the Mantel and the Wall

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Section Lining

Milk of Sulphur in Dyeing

By M. Reimann

Use of Ferrocyanide in Electro-Gilding

By Ed. Ebermayer

The Art of Dyeing



Antiquities from Armenia

Science Notes

Liquefaction of Oxygen

Improvement in Photo-Engraving

Appliances for Volumetric Analysis

Lectures on Paralysis and Convulsions as Effects of Organic Disease of the Brain

Recently Delivered at Bellevue Hospital Medical College

By C. E. Brown-Sequard

Improved Surgery Rooms—Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society

By William Thomson


Reproduction of the Sulphide, Selenide, and Telluride of Silver in a Crystalline State, and of Filiform Silver

By M. J. Margattet

Paints without Poison

By M. E. Turpin

Liquefaction of Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Atmospheric Air

Chemical Notes

Apparatus for Rapid Filtering


A Valuable Forage Plant

The Large White English Pigs

Second Game (Vienna Opening)

Solutions to Problems

The Danbury News Problem Tournament, No. 1

The Hartford Times Literary Tournament

Chess at the Antipodes

F. M. Teed, of New York

Grand Consultation Match

M. Legalle


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