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Compound Armor Plates

Improved Fast Torpedo Boats

The Destruction of Submarine Cables

Harvey's Improved Torpedoes

The underground Railways of London

Tests of Car Axles

New United States Government Rules in Respect to Boilers, Boiler Inspection, Stamping and Testing of Boiler Plates, Fire Apparatus, Boat Lowering Devices, and Life Preservers

Circular to Supervising and Local Inspectors of Steam- Vessels, Boiler-plate Manufacturers, Boiler-makers and others

Progress of the Great New Bridge over the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie

The Oil Producers' Convention

Malt Cleaning Machine

Improved Tube-Stopper

The California Petroleum Industry

Nomenclature of Building Stones and of Stone Masonry

By J. James R. Croes, William E. Merrill and Edgar B. Van Winkle

“Piling up” in Catamarans

Examples of Domestic Architecture of France and Italy


The Cariboo Quartz Ledges

Roofing Paint


Chemistry and Mineralogy

New Red Coloring Matter from Peach Leaves

By C. Bougarel

Coloring Matter of Velella Limbosa

By A. De Negri and G. De Negri

The Coloring Matter of “Boletus Luridus”

By G. Cugini

The Density of Liquid Oxygen

Lithium, Cæsium, and Rubidium from Lepidolite

By H. Peterson

Oxygenized Graphite and Platinum

By William Skey

Determining Vapor-Densities

By J. H*amp*auml;bermann

Magnesium Fluoride

By A. Cossa


By P. Towsend Austen

Solubility of Alkalis in Ether

By William Skey

Specific Gravity of Iodine Trichloride

By A. C. Christomanos

A New General Synthetical Method of Producing Hydrocarbons, Etc.

By C. Friedel and J. M. Crafts


By Sergius Kern

Iodine and Alcohol on the Platino- Nitrites

By L. F. Nilson

Natural Sulphides

By Stan. Meunier

Oxidation of Iron in a Gas Furnace

By A. Terreil and Daubr*amp*eacute;e

Deposit of Fat in Animals on Different Diets

By J. Forster

The Morbid Anatomy of Yellow Fever

Dissection of a Gorilla

Maintenance of Constant Temperatures

By A. D*amp*apos;Arsonval

Physical Dilatation of the Urethra

Estimating Bismuth Volumetrically

By M. M. P. Muir

Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with Salicylate of Soda

Crystallized Grape-Sugar

By Halse and Steiner

Manganese Sulphide

By Ph. De Clermont

Optically Inactive Sugar

By W. E. Hales and E. Steiner

Retarding Action of Glycerine

By Dunn

Gold in Emulsion

By Henry J. Newton

Hen Manure

The Limnoria and the Teredo

An Improved Method of Protection Against their Ravages in Timber

Shields and Delmar

The Cleveland Voice Problem Tourney

Solutions to Problems

Eugene Delmar, of New York

morality of Chess


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