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Improved Box Engine

Institution of Civil Engineers, London

Ferdinand De Lesseps

Bourne's Patent Governor

Water in Steam

Measurement of Water Mechanically Suspended in Steam

By Palamede Guzzi

A New Iron Steamship

Compound Hydraulic Cotton Press

Improved Thrashing and Finishing Machine

Coal-Cutting Machinery

Mining in Arizona and in Mexico

Miscellaneous Items

Improved Velocipedes or Manumotive Carriages

Proposed Lodge, Etc., Recreation Ground, Sydenham

Lighting of Railway Carriages

The Lowe Gas Process at Baltimore—the Consumers' Mutual Gaslight Co

Machines and Tools for Working Metal, Wood, and Stone, at the Philadelphia Exhibition

By John Anderson

Economy in Indigo

Progress of Telegraph Engineering

By C. W. Siemens

Method of Recovering Indigo, Cochineal, Madder, and Other Coloring Matters from Wool or Woolen Fabrics

By Sanceau and Meleville

Use of Glycerine

By M. H. Herberger

The Adulteration of Ground Madder and its Preparations

Valuation of Cements

By W. Michaelis

Lontin's Dynamo-Electric Machines

Physical Society, London

Field Telegraphy

Destruction of Submarine Cables

Wheatstone's Violoncello

A Constant Daniell Cell

Development of Carbon Prints

By M. Lamy

The Modern Telescope

By J. Norman Lockyer

Chemicals Used in the Various Picture- Making Processes: Their Manufacture and Their Properties

By John L. Gihon

Curious Electrical Conditions of Collodion

Test for Elaterin

By David Lindo

Iridium and Osmium

Chemical Society, London


By A. Niemann

The Density of Liquid Oxygen

Removing Tin from Tin Scraps

Insufficient Supply of Lime

By J. Forster

Rabies in Dogs

Remarkable Effects of Plaster and Clover

Organic Matter in Potable Water

By G. Bischof

Scientific American Chess Record

The Lowenthal Bequest and Problem Tournament

Solutions to Problems

By Herr Meyer

Ben. R. Foster, of St. Louis

Correspondence Games.—Liverpool vs. Armagh

Italian Problem Tournament of 1876

Chess by Correspondence


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