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John Bourne, C. E.

The Non-Piston Age of the Steam-Engine

By William Mann

The Soper Rifle

The Billerica and Bedford Two-Feet Gauge Railroad

Metallic Packing

The Brace Problem

The Speaking Phonograph

Chloride of Silver Cell

On the Law of the Absorption of Radiations Across Bodies, and of its Application in Quantitative Spectral Analysis

By M. G. Govi

Electrical and Telegraphic Notes

Collodionized Tissue

The Art Manufactures of Japan

By Christopher Dresser

Aroma of Butter

Suggestions in Decorative Art

The Apple

Medical Notes in Siam, China and Japan

By C. W. Vrooman

Extirpation of the Larynx

By David Foulis

Distended Bladder

University College Hospital, London


New Genus of Lumbriculide

Lincoln County Chess Association Tourney

P. T. Duffy, of London

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems

By Chas. A.

The Lincolnshire Chess Association

The Odds of Queen's Knight


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    Scientific American Supplements Volume 5, Issue 115supp

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism