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Steel Torpedo Boats

Glass-Melting Ovens

Progress of Flying Machinery

Messenger and Churchward's Steam Engine

Improvement of the Mississippi

By J. B. Eads

Vertical Engine with Reversing Gear

By F. W. Turner and St. Albans

Progress of Lumber Flumes

Chimney Construction

Explosions in Coal Mines

Preventing Honeycombs in Castings

Mr. Stanley

The Inventor of the Irish Car

The Mosque of St. Sophia

Ceiling of a Boudoir in a Villa in Wiesbaden

The Technology of the Paper Trade

By William Arnot

Natural Amber

By M. Reboux

Soap and Soap Plants

Blue Black on Garments with Cotton Warps

On a New Thickener

By M. G. Vaucher

On Electricity in Dyeing

By M. L*amp*apos;Abbe Vassart


Glycerine in the Fixation of Indigo

By M. Prudhomme

Coir, or Cocoa-Nut Fiber, as a Paper Material

Appearances versus Realities

Suspension, Solution, and Chemical Combination

By William Durham

Rapid Emulsions

Improvements in Photographic Lenses

By Frederick von Voigtlander

Coal and its Components

By Barff

Manufacture of Iodine Bromine, Nitrate of Potash, and Soda

By Thohwald Schmidt

Copper with the Aid of Waste Products

By Hugh M. Wilson

House Grapes

The Liquefaction of the Gases

The Chinese Yam

Stately Seed Plants

Soda and Potash from Chlorides

By M. J. Bohlig

Ice-House and Refrigerator

By John Taylor

Charles H. Wheeler, of Englewood, Ill

Chess Monthly Problem Tournament of 1857

Sans Voir

Solutions to Problems


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