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New Gas Engine

On a New Method of Balancing the Engines used in Winding from the Deep Shafts of Westphalia

By W. Fairley

Improved Emery Grinder

A Chapter on Compacted Beams

By Thomas Morris

Miscellaneous Notes

Improved Radial Axle-Boxes

By H. W. Widmark

Mining Notes

Locomotive Economies

Heavy Mining Machinery

New Hand-Power Rock Drill

The U. S. Mint, Philadelphia, Pa

Source of Water in the Mines

The New Yacht Intrepid

How to Build a Cheap Catamaran

The New Brazilian Iron Clad “Independencia”

Monument with Wrought-Iron Inclosure

The Technology of the Paper Trade

By William Arnot

Optical Properties of Glass

The Society of Telegraph Engineers

The Bitumen of Judea Process

Petroleum Oil Gas for Lighting Passenger Cars

Improved Telegraph Inker

Electrical and Telephonic Experiments

New Form of Telephone

How to Secure Good Health

Color in Polarized Light

Microscopical Adjunct

Medical Notes

The “Lord of Snakes”

The Hot Water Treatment

By Frank H. Hamilton

Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society

Action of the Copper-Zinc Couple on Alkaline Oxy-Salts

By Gladstone and Tribe

New Method for the Determination of Boiling-Points

By H. C. Jones

François Andre Danican Philidor

Huddersfield College Magazine Tourney

Philidor's Blindfold Games

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems

Chess in New York


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