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The Cañons of the Colorado

The Black Hills

Beton Concrete in Building

Proposed New Harbor Works for Greenock

Chicago and its Architecture

Tomlinson's Self-Oiling Journal-Box—For Car Axles, Shafting, saw Mandrels, &c

Floating Bridge over the River Hooghly

The Proposed New Bridge over the East River between New York and Brooklyn

Official Inspection and Test of the Great Tay Bridge

Gold Discoveries in New Guinea

The Paris Exhibition of 1878

The Technology of the Paper Trade

By William Arnot

English Farm Buildings

Transferring Bees

The Toad and its Habits

Divisibility of Gold

Presence of Oxygen in Metallic Silver

By M. Dumas

Direct Printing from Glass Negatives

On the Formation of Hailstones, Raindrops, and Snowflakes

Liquefaction of Hydrogen

By Raoul Pictet

Death of Mr. Cochrane

Louis Charles De La Bourdonnais

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems

The American Chess Congress of 1871


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