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The Flow of Metals

By David Townsend

High-Pressure Marine Boiler

Manufacture of Welded Iron Tubes

Improved Governor

Egyptian Obelisks and their Relation to Chronology and Art

By Basil Henry Cooper

The Art of Marbling

By C. W. Woolnough

Preservation of Wood

By J. Clark Jefferson

Liquid Fuels

Paper Negatives

By W. De W. Abney

Austro-Hungarian High Grinding

A Simple Photo Printing Process

By M. Gobert

Varley's New Electro-Magnetic Machine

Improved Carbon Process

Constitution of the Sun as Revealed by Photography

By M. Janssen

Varnish for Melainotypes

The Phonograph

By J. W. S. Arnold

The Whiting Building and Opera House, Holyoke, Mass., Mr. C. S. Luce, Architect

A Concrete Dwelling House

Lectures on Paralysis and Convulsions as Effects of Organic Disease of the Brain

By C. E. Brown-Sequard

Snake Poison

Laboratory Experiences on Board the Challenger

By J. Y. Buchanan


The Application of Ammonium Sulphocyanide in Volumetric Analysis

By J. Volhard

Oxygen Making

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems

British Association Tournament of 1862

Chas. H. Waterbury

Distinguished Chess Players


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