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Becquerel, Regnault, and Secchi

Archæological Discovery in Rome

Experiments with the Telephone

By A. Domoget

Clamond's Improved Electric Thermo-Pile

Notes on the Telephone

Its History and the Theory of its Construction and Operation

By R. M. Ferguson

A Visit to the Inventor of the Phonograph

Cincinnati Inclined Planes.—The Highland House

Compressed Air Receptacles

The Working of Coal

Improved Fire-Engine Pump

Iron and Coal in British Columbia

Mining in Boulder County, Colorado

By F. L. Vinton

Recent Torpedo Experiments in England

Damascened Ornaments from a Shield, Hispano-Moresco Work. —Suggestions for Decorative Art

Prize for Blowpipe Apparatus

The Geological Antiquity of Flowers and Insects

By J. E. Taylor

Olive Culture

What is a Diatom?

Œnoline, and its Preparation

Repulsion Resulting from Radiation

[Presented to the French Academy by M. Th. du Moncel]

By W. Crookes

Refraction of Gases and Vapors

By M. Mascart

Platinum Metals

Phosphorescence and Fluorescence

By M. Fave


Chemical Reactions of the Electric Effluve and upon Persulphuric Acid

By M. Berthelot

New Products Obtained from Coal-Gas: Ponsœlion, a New Pigment, and Cyanon, a New Gunpowder

By Lewis Thompson

On some Thallium Pigments

By Thomas W. Salter

The Transit of Mercury on May 6th

Anderssen vs. Paulsen

Dubuque Problem Tournament No. 1

Joachim Lowenthal

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems


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