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The Cañons of the Colorado

[Compiled from the Report of Prof. J. W. Powell, Geologist, in charge of the G. and G. Survey of the Territories]

Pipes for Plumbing

By T. M. Clark

Compounding a Horizontal Engine

H. M. S. Iris

The New Steamboat Grand Republic

Double Rudder and Movable Propeller Steamship

By Captain Sadler

The Society of Telegraph Engineers

The Kittatinny Blackberry

By E. Williams

Cotswold Sheep

Movable Sheep Shelter

Subterranean Forests and Mesquite Thicket

Poison for Red Spider

The Tsetse

Management of Turkeys

Definite Conclusions of Science—Our Earth Motionless

A popular lecture proving that our globe neither rotates upon its axis n., around the sun.—Delivered at Berlin

By Madame Blavatsky and Shcepfer

Photo-Chromo Pictures

Photographing Interiors

By E. Lacan

Silvering Glass

An Italian Chimney Piece


Lectures on Paralysis and Convulsions as Effects of Organic Disease of the Brain

Delivered at BeUevue Hospital Medical CoUege, New York.

By C. E. Brown-Sequard

Amputation of Arm Without Ligatures

By R. H. Milner

Solidification of Ether

Estimation of Caseine and Fat in Milk

Loss of Brain Substance, With Recovery

By M. G. Parsons

The Vibrations of Matter and the Waves of the Ether in Sight

By M. Fav*amp*eacute;

The Vibrations of Matter and the Waves of the Ether in the Act of Ebullition

By M. Fav*amp*eacute;

Determining Potassa

By A. Carnot

Extraction of Gallium

By Lecoq D.E. Boisbaudran and E. Jungfleisch

The Chemical Composition of Californian Wines

By W. Ivison Macadam

The Detroit Free Press Tourney

The Fourth Meeting of the British Chess Association 1857

Solutions to Problems

Chess on a Large Scale

International Tournament

Cochrane vs. Staunton

Scientific American Chess Record

Frank Healy of London


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