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Steam Street Cars

The New York Elevated Railroad

Early Railway Tunnels

Railway Brakes

The Westinghouse Brake

Bridge over the Sarpsfos

Iron Tramways for Wagon Roads


H. M. S. Inflexible

Remarkable Natural Gas Works

Self-Stopping Beaming Machine

New Steel-Melting Furnaces in Russia

By G. Arehn

The Spade Gun


Concrete and Iron as a Building Material *

The Brighton Abattoir

By Andrew J. Lawson

Glass Mill Stones

The Columbia River Trade in Tinned Salmon

Bleached and Washed Linen and Hemp Threads

Robert College, at Constantinople

By George Washburn

A Sensitive Gelatine Emulsion Process

Determination of Threads of Flax and Hemp

Joachim John Monteiro

Military Telephones

Physical Society, London

Telephone Improvements Wanted

Sound Color- Figures

By Sedley Taylor

New Direct-Vision Spectroscope

By M. Thollon

Club-Foot—Spine Curvature—Hip-Joint Disease

Club-Foot, with Congenital Angular Curvature of the Spine (?)

By P. Bkynberg Porter

Mental Illusions

The Dyspepsia of Smokers

Corrosive Sublimate in Dysentery

By Charles H. Hall

Insanity in the United States

By T. J. Hutton

The Color of the Retina

Treatment of Paralysis of the Muscles of the Eye


By B. G. Northrop

Analyses of Cane and Beet-Root Sugar Ash

By J. W. Macdonald.

Chemical Society, London

New Product of the Oxidation of Lead

By H. Debray

Antiseptic Dressings

On a New Form of Measuring Apparatus for a Laboratory Spectroscope

By J. Emerson Reynolds

On the Cooling of Fats

By John Treharne

Polyatomic Alcohols

By D. Klein

Colored Crystalline Compounds Obtained from Brucine

By David Lindo

Straw for Fodder

By G. C. Caldwell

A Manganese Blue

By M. Gaston Bong

Carburation of Nickel by the Cementation Process

By M. Boussingault

The Pleasant Art of Grafting

Scientific American Chess Record

The American Union Problem Tournament, 1859

Solutions to Problems

The Second American Chess Congress

George H. Mackenzie

Mackenzie and Reichhelm


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