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New Double Hay Compressor

The English Building Trade Strike

The Victoria Dock Extension

A Diving Apparatus Improvised in the Wilderness

Indicator Cards Taken at the St. Louis Water Works

A Paper read before the Engineers' Club of St. Louis, Mo

By A. J. Chaphe

Gas Coal

By James Macfarlane

The New Palace of Justice in Brussels, Belgium

The Technology of the Paper Trade

By William Arnot

Photographic Printing Processes in the Service of the Portuguese Government

By Ose Julio Rodriguez

Sewing Silk

Iodide of Potassium in Asthma

Stereoscopic Transparency Printing—Mr. Breese's Method

By John Harmer

Lecture on Metalloscopy and Metallo-Therapy Applied to the Treatment of Grave Hysteria

By Charcot

Incrustations on Brick Walls

By William Trautwine

Some Causes of Mental Failure

Character of the Soil Indicated by its Natural Flora

By G. S. Boulger

The White Incrustation on the Bricks of City Houses

Improved Cow Stables

By J. Wilkinson

A New Underground Monster

The Care of Horses

Indian Relics

Beet-Sugar Manufacture

Chess as a Test of Character

Dubuque Problem Tourney No. 2

John Cochrane

La Bourdonnais and Cochrane

Problem Solving

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems

Suicidal Problems


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