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The Canons of the Colorado

[Compiled from the Report of Prof. J. W. Powell, Geologist, in charge of the Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories]

The Hot Springs, Bath County, Virginia

Eruption of Mount Hecla

Torpedo Guard

Improved Breech-Loading Mechanism

The Shell Trials at Shoeburyness

Process of Sinking Oil Wells

The Coal Question

A New Rocky Mountain Gold Mine

By Wm. F. Wheeler

An Iron Warehouse

Manufacture of Bessemer Steel and Steel Rails

By C. B. Holland

New Subway in London

Increase of Mail Service in the South

The Huelva Pier of the Rio Tinto Railway

The Underground Railway in Paris

“Gaspillage Et Insouciance”

An Artesian Well 3,120 Feet Deep

Musical Sand

The Phonograph and its Future

By Thomas A. Edison

Gelatine Negatives

By H. J. Palmer

Patience in Dry Plate Photography

The Hair Hygrometer

The Radiometer and the Spheroidal State

Power for Electric Illumination

Improvements in Aniline Colors

Processes for the Preparation of Violet Ultramarine

Cleaning Old Engravings

How Granite is Polished

Improvements in Aniline Blacks

By Antony Guyard

The Microscope in Chemistry

By H. C. Sorby

Bismuth-A Comparison of the Methods for its Estimation

By B. Stillman

On the Denaturation of Alcohol

The Nature, Origin, and Progress of Disease in the Human Body

By J. B. Graves

Manufacture of Anthraquinone

Colors from Iron Turnings and Filings

By C. Steinan and R. Steinan

Sprouting of Silver and its Cause

Smelting Works

By Theodore Fluegger

Sulphur Mines

Anna Morandi Manzolini, Professor of Anatomy at the University of Bologna

By Mademe Villari

The Ear


Facts about Sleep

Cost and Nutritive Value of Foods

J. A. Graver, of Delaware Water Gap

Oxford and Cambridge Chess Match

Scientific American Chess Record

Solutions to Problems

Petroff's Defense


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